Welcome to Vivianne's world!

Our founder, Vivianne has been part of the hairdressing and hair care industry for more than 25 years in Greece.

Her passion and love inspired her to create her own hair care line.

With an emphasis on quality ingredients and working with what nature and science provide us, it creates products that are kind to the skin and hair, but effective.

Her goal: Beautiful and healthy hair with products that do what they promise. It is here to protect your hair.

We work with countless formulas so that each of our products is even and effective.

An All Hair Guardian

Focusing on the hair care process in a meaningful way, Vivianne creates products that care for the hair from the inside out, while simultaneously offering the gift of instant rejuvenation .

Vivianne is your hair guardian, she came to raise awareness about hair care.

Through a deep and meticulous appreciation for ingredients of natural origin (over 70% in every product), with a consistently sustainable practice and ongoing ethical creativity, Vivianne introduces pioneering trends that last.