Product returns

Any customer who purchases a product from our online store reserves the right within fourteen (14) calendar days to return the product or products purchased for any reason, even if unnecessary, and to request a replacement with another product or a refund. Withdrawal is the right according to which the consumer has 14 calendar days to return the product he bought, for any reason, even unnecessarily, and request a replacement or a refund. This period is valid in all the member states of the European Union, while in the event that the consumer has not previously been informed of this right, then this period is extended to 12 months. Refunds are made within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation request. However, he may delay refunding if he does not receive the products or receipt for their return. The above right only exists if the product or products are in their original condition, without having been put into operation or used or if the packaging or the product itself has been damaged.

In the event that we find that none of the above applies, we reserve the right to refuse the customer a replacement or refund.

The cost of returning the product or products to our headquarters is borne solely by the customer/buyer.
Before any return it is recommended to consult with, either by email: or from the contact page.